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Sample texts

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English texts

A portfolio of technical documents on Github.

Adapt the society, not the person” in the Signature Reports web magazine in 2022 (pdf file).

A tango and a flip” in Signature Reports in 2022. (Pdf file.)

An unexpected life” in Signature Reports in 2022 (pdf file).

Swedish texts

“The right form to persuade” (in Swedish) in Språktidningen (Language Magazine) No. 8 in 2020. (Link to opens in a new tab.)
It’s about how to make easy-to-read text through graphic design.

“Eye movements reveal reading difficulties” (in Swedish) in Läs & Skriv (Read & Write) No. 4 2015. (Pdf, link opens in new tab.)
It’s about a (then) new technology that examines eye movements to determine if someone has a reading problem.

Everyone can read in their own way” and “How to read texts digitally” (in Swedish) in Läs & Skriv (Read & Write) No. 3 2016. (Pdf, link opens in new tab.)
They are both about listening to text in the same context as reading.

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